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Schools and Universities

As schools and universities across the nation gradually start to welcome back their students, some parents may have concerns about sending their child back to school. Understandably, maintaining social distancing and following the proper guidelines can be hard to enforce for younger children. When a group of students mingle, the chances of transmission increase. Here is where schools and universities can take some steps to allay the worries of students and parents by offering IV treatments and COVID-19 testing services.

About Schools and Universities

As places of learning, students should not have to worry about their health and safety on campus. Younger children in particular may find it hard to be responsible for their own wellbeing, not completely understanding the “new normal” and what it entails. Some students have struggled with remote learning arrangements and not being able to interact with their classmates, making it good news for them when schools started reopening gradually. Besides maintain social distancing, keeping a mask on and sanitizing hands frequently, schools and universities can go one step further by providing certain services onsite.

IV Treatments for Schools and Universities

University students these days are under a lot of pressure to perform well academically while loading their portfolios with extracurricular activities and part-time jobs. Maintaining a balanced diet can be the last thing on their minds, however, there will come a time when the body needs a nutritional boost. Vitamin IV treatment is the answer. Serving as a quick immunity boost, an IV infusion can also speed up the recovery time when the first symptoms of a flu or infection have set in. Our mobile IV infusion drip at Rapid IV comes with a high dose of Vitamin C to boost hydration and immunity.

COVID-19 Testing Services for Schools and Universities

Both parents of younger and older children as well as the students themselves may be worried about the chances of transmission when returning to campus. Although it may not be prudent or necessary to test young children, teachers and members of staff should definitely get tested to give themselves and parents peace of mind. Our nasal swab tests at Rapid IV can be administered onsite at your school or university by our professional medical staff. The test works by detecting nucleic acid from the SARS-CoV-2 virus in an individual’s upper and lower respiratory specimens, and test results can be received by 6:00 PM if testing is conducted before 10:00 AM of the same day.

Why Should Schools and Universities Work with Rapid IV?

At Rapid IV, we understand that the health and wellbeing of your students, teachers and other members of staff is your priority. Our services include on-call IV treatments and COVID-19 testing services carried out by a team of medical professionals on your campus. We are able to provide our services in the Las Vegas Nevada, Florida Miami-Dale and Broward counties.

If you would like more information about our IV treatments and COVID-19 testing services for schools and universities, please feel free to contact us at CustomerCare@rapidiv.com.